Donald Trump -  Xi Jinping

China on track to become a new global climate leader

President Trump’s decision has not stop others in the fight for climate change. In fact, it has given the opportunity for the emerging economy to take the spotlight

Gender violence

Gender violence and its role in today’s society

Is violence against women a reflection of an uncontrollable reality?

Hawaii  David Ige

Hawaii breaks rank from Trump

The state of Hawaii became the first state to pass a law to support the Paris Agreement

Trump’s climate decision and human health

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord seems to have endangered human life.

human trafficking

Latin America lacks clear policies to tackle human trafficking

Each year, some three million undocumented immigrants enter the United States, half of them with the help of traffickers, as part of a nearly seven-billion- dollar business

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Betting on economic growth or just refusing collaboration?

The president of the United States decided to withdraw the nation from the Paris Agreement (PA) after claiming it to be unfair and not aligned with what is best for the “US business, citizens, and tax payers”

U.S. climate policy doesn’t depend on Trump

Donald Trump fulfilled one of his campaign’s promises and withdrew from the Paris Agreement.

corruption in Latin America

Battling the scourge of corruption in Latin America

Much of the continent is mired in financial scandals, but a Brazilian probe has illustrated that public institutions can still fight back

Michel Temer

Supreme Court OKs investigation into Brazil president

Brazil’s Supreme Court  authorized an investigation into allegations the nation’s head of state encouraged the payment of bribes

Equatorial Guinea and its violence against Paraguayan women

Sexual violence is not a new topic for Latin America, however, women trade is getting worse in Paraguay with the illegal support from politic figures in Equatorial Guinea.

The economics of human trafficking in Latin America

Human trafficking has very real ties with economic development. How can Latin-American countries deal with it?

Is there slavery in Latin America?

The stolen freedom of hundreds of people, mostly women, is one of the Latin America’s hurdles nowadays.

Mental health problems as consequence of human trafficking

Bad mental health, self-harm and suicide attempts are common among children and adolescents who have been trafficked for forced labor or sexual exploitation.

Will Peru's reconstruction bring less corruption and more transparency?

Peruvian government declared reconstruction as a key element of its economic growth. However, it depends on transparency and efficiency.

Protests sweeping Latam show rising antigovernment anger

Nearly every nation in South America has been jolted by large protests or violent clashes in recent weeks, a continental surge of anti-government anger unlike anything in years.

Colombians are fed up with corruption

Colombians Are Fed Up With Corruption, And Everyone Seems To Be Under Investigation

Colombia forces struggle to root out coca

Colombia is ranked by the United Nations as the world's biggest producer of coca -- the raw material for cocaine

Brazil judge targets dozens of politicians for ‘corruption’

A Brazilian judge has revealed the names of dozens of politicians to be investigated over alleged involvement in a huge bribery scandal.

Colombia investigating 100,000 state corruption cases

There are 100,848 cases of corruption in which state entities are allegedly involved.

Peru’s President says Climate-Change and flood prep is more urgent than ever

Rebuilding needs to tame coastal rivers to prevent flooding. GDP seen rebounding to 4%-5% growth in 2018 on reconstruction

Panama Papers: One year later

At least 150 inquiries or investigations have been launched in 79 countries, with authorities examining many cases for possible tax evasion or money laundering

Coca expansion, drug production in Latin America further strain U.S. ties

Bolivia is doubling the amount of land devoted to coca production, while Colombia says illegal production of the plant used to produce cocaine has spiked to its highest levels in at least two decades. R

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