Gender violence and its role in today’s society

Gender violence

Is violence against women a reflection of an uncontrollable reality?

About 60,000 women are killed annually in Latin America, the region with highest rates of women murder as shown by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Alarming levels of impunity have been reached in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its population barely represents 8% but each year its homicide casualties represent 34% of manslaughter worldwide. The main issue is the high incidence of crime, followed by drug trafficking, proliferation of violent youth, money laundering, and domestic violence.
These rates overpass any African country, even some of which are in the midst of a civil war. However, and contrary to what one might think, these high rates are not direct consequence of the presence of guerillas or organized crime actions.
Instead, intolerance and street fights are to blame for increasing homicide and crime’s rates in Latin America as shown by the ONU report made in 2016. Showing the consequence of violence has become the new normal for the region, making people more intolerant to the injustices.
LatinAmerican Post |Manuela Pulido Gutiérrez
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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