China on track to become a new global climate leader

President Trump’s decision has not stop others in the fight for climate change. In fact, it has given the opportunity for the emerging economy to take the spotlight

Donald Trump -  Xi Jinping

China is the world’s biggest GHG emitter. However, statistics have shown that it has already lowered its carbon consumption during the past two years. On the other hand, the Asian country’s investment on renewable energy has nothing but increased. In fact, it occupies the first spot for wind and solar capacity worldwide.

Contrary to President Trump national agenda, China’s efforts promotes renewable technologies to replace fossil-fuel based power plants. According to the region’s grid company, over 5 million people living in the Qinghai Province supplied their energy demand during one week on a 100% renewable energy. This act demonstrates how an entire nation can run solely on green energy.

Urban areas in China suffer from deplorable air quality. To combat this issue, the Asian country has officially started the construction of the world’s first “Forest city”. The urban center will be densely covered by 1 million plants which will not only absorb 57 tons of pollutants but will also mitigate CO2 emissions by 10.000 tons every year.

Exposing these technological advances represents an opportunity for China to lead by example. The nation’s leadership on developing and selling new technologies will be crucial for the emergent green economy.

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Iguavita
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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